Lucky Camel

100ml - Eau De Toilette

Alcohol-Free by Ottaniqo

“The trip begins in the Arabian desert with the Lucky Camel, who brings good fortune to all those that embark on adventures with him. The Lucky Camel is a symbol of Dubai’s magical desert and of the resilient life of the ancient people that lived in its exotic dunes”

This youthful essence with head notes of yang and bergamot has a floral touch of lily of the valley, rose and Parma violet and a final powdered fragrance made of vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber. The eau de toilette’ scent resurfaces memories of youth to all mothers that actually are the biggest fans of this perfume.

The typical Ottaniqo’s perfume is the result combination of an attractive and long-lasting scent and a visually effective and attractive animal design characterized with the Arabian geometrical pattern, the result creates a perfect gift for children and memory for tourists visiting Dubai and the UAE to take home to their loved ones.” 



  • OTTANIQO is a fragrance and gift atelier created by two Italian entrepreneurs based in Dubai. OTTANIQO designs fragrances for children, women and men, together with a series of classy accessories and gift items, recognizable by the reminiscent Arabic pattern, composed by twelve interlocking circles symbolizing the twelve months of sunshine in Dubai, contained by the initial O of the brand.
  • OTTANIQO’s distinctive creativeness develops unique perfume fragrances lines characterized by an innovative combination of contemporary themes and high-quality scent elements reflected by its attractive packaging.
  • OTTANIQO operates through ARGENTO LLC, a company specialized in the distribution of luxury gifts at the most prestigious locations in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide.